Range Rover Evoque gets 2017 updates plus new Ember edition

New InControl infotainment system for 2016 Range Rover Evoque, plus bold special edition

The Range Rover Evoque is due for a round of updates soon, as well as a new special edition model with an eye-catching red and black paint job.

This new Ember special edition is based on a HSE Dynamic model, but adds a range of new details including a stand-out red roof and front and rear bumper highlights to match the black body colour. The lettering on the boot and bonnet are finished in black too, along with the wheels, and the lights have been darkened to complete the look.


Inside you get (you guessed it) black sports seats and some extra glossy black trim around the dash, plus some red highlights in the stitching and floor mats. The special edition will only be available for three months in the summer, with prices starting from £47,200.




The rest of the Evoque range will be updated with a few new features as well, starting with a driving mode that helps get you moving in slippery conditions. The Low Traction Launch mode limits torque to the wheels, preventing wheelspin as the car starts to move.


rr_evq_le_17_int_stu63_200416_18 rr_evq_le_17_pr01_200416_07

A new InControl Touch Pro infotainment system will be fitted to the new Evoque too, as fitted to the Convertible model launched recently. It’s standard on HSE Dynamic, HSE Dynamic Lux and Autobiography models, and features a higher-resolution touchscreen display and extra smartphone connectivity.

rr_evq_le_17_pr06_200416_10 rr_evq_le_17_pr07_200416_09

The system can use pre-planned destinations on the sat-nav from an accompanying app, and even share information on time of arrival with friends and family. A top-down camera helps with parking, too.



The SE Tech model will also be updated with electric seats and auto high beams, with prices starting at £33,000. There’s a new Graphite Design Pack on the options list as well, adding 20-inch alloy wheels, grey and black exterior detailing and darkened lights for £2,125.

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